OGI’s main area of expertise is in the design of subsea pipeline systems. Projects include:

  • Submarine Pipelines and Risers
  • Single Point Mooring (SPMs)
  • Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEMs and WYEs)
  • Pipeline Crossing Supports
  • Submarine Pipeline Protection Design Against Vessel Anchors

Trusted Quality for Over 25 Years

We have also successfully carried out many projects in other related fields.

  • Pipe Laybarge Layout
  • Stinger Design for Laybarge
  • Pipeline Installation Analysis
  • Pipeline Lowering and Trenching Analysis
  • Onshore Pipelines
  • Cooling Water Intakes and Outlets
  • Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) Studies
  • Risk Assessments and Dropped Object Studies
  • Jetties and Wharves
  • Harbours and Breakwaters
  • Onshore Terminals
  • Piperacks
  • Structural Design of Buildings and Control Rooms
  • Coastal Protection Works